a poem by Drsudarsan Damodar Prasad, India - poetry writer, author, poet

Two brothers-
Not blood brothers,
But soul brothers-
Set sail for the unknown lands,
In search of fame and fortune.

One deftly pulled the strings,
And the other set the sails-
Free, as to fill their bellies,
With the welcoming winds-
From the far-off lands.

When the rough seas-
Rocked their boat ,
Made it wobble on the angry seas,
One sat at the helm,
Expertly manning the rudder,
While the other kept at bay
The swirling waters,
Hiding the evil headed sea-hydra,
Look for a meal of the human flesh.

When the boat reaches –
The promised land,
The first thing they will do,
Is to hug each other-
Thank each other,
And walk in step,
Rubbing shoulder to shoulder-
To face every new adventure-
In the unknown land-
Full of spotted terrors,
Striped tigers,
And painted cannibals.

Are not they perfect soul-brothers,
In the journey of life?
Crossing oceans-
Full of death and disasters,
Slimy octopuses,
And black blooded-
Hooded pirates,
Lying in wait with their crooked sabers!

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