Mother of Our Democracy: My Tribute to President Corazon C. Aquino

a poem by Michael Flores Caasi, Philippines - poetry writer, author, poet

Dear mother of our sweet democracy
I salute you for your courage and bravery
You faced the struggles of our country
Fought for the rights for us to be free.

We are so blessed with your humble presence
For the dedication and love to humanity
For sharing the world our freedom
And for changing the lives of our people.

You were the symbol of strong administration
With powerful fist but with the heart of gold
For standing tall for the Filipino people
You remained so passionate and humble.

You're one of the world's icons of democracy
The woman of countless essence and ability
The ability to love the nation
and the power to fight for us our rights.

Your life was beautiful
Just as reflections of your heart and soul.
Thank you so much for everything
Thank God that He gave us YOU, our mother and president.

Your fight will now become our serious fight
With freedom in our hands, prayers as our light
We will be your army craving for the better change
in our country of democracy and for the Filipino people.

We love you so much
Our mother, Our President!

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