a poem by Paul Butters, UK

I sit,
A little man
And wonder,
Open eyed:
This sweeping sky;
A countless myriad of stars,
Galaxy clusters,
Clouds of gas.
All multicoloured:
As befits a multiverse.
Spreading on and on
And on
An infinitesimally splendid
Of space
And time.

Thousands of years required
To reach the nearest star,
By human flight.
Trillions of planets
Likely holding life.
A universe growing,
At twelve million miles per minute.
From singularity
To colossus
So vast
So awesome
So splendidly beautiful
That all I can say,
Oh God!

Paul Butters AKA Skryboss
© Humberside 5\8\2009 at 11.20.

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