Bill Clinton's Secret Gift for Kim Jong-il

a poem by Hubert Wilson, USA

Distracted Bill Clinton almost forgot!
For he kept noticing a shapely young female North Korean aide alot!
Diminutive Kim in his high chair wondered?
Just why the flirting former President almost blundered?
Was the 'Silver Fox's' secret gift really unique?
Perhaps extra EXTRA large sunglasses to enhance his slight physique?
Maybe six inch hydraulic shoe lifts with power boost?
His amorous national image with these could never be reduced?
Could it be a special American sensual device?
Hearbeat of the 'Dear Leader' skipped not once - but twice!
Giving dallying Clinton a stiff elbow reminding nudge,
Further fantasizing, could it be - replacing Paula as an American Idol judge?
Kim hurriedly opened an aroused Clinton's nearly forgotten gift!
Like his reputation as a lover - he was ultra swift!
Inside Kim did childishly but happily grab -
Six junior pant suits in various shades of olive drab!
Wanton Bill explained all had been retailored from only one of Hillary's pant suits -
Even with matching boots!

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