My Daughter Comes Home Today

a poem by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen, Denmark

My Daughter Comes Home Today

You were gone for six months
to serve as volunteer
for the street children in Honduras.
Nobody asked you to do so
You made your own choice
after your research
on the street children in Guatemala.

You prepared yourself
by learning the Spanish language.
You looked for jobs just to save money
for your ticket and lodging in that
country you have desired to help.

We have missed you, missed your way
of helping your mother, missed your voluntary work to clean the toilets and the kitchen,
missed your enthusiasm in cooking food
for the whole family.

We have missed your easy way to laugh,
your sincere way of telling a story,
your gracious friendship you can extend
to whoever comes your way.

We do miss your generosity,
your thoughtfulness of remembering
everyone`s birthday and packing a gift
that we may receive during that special day.

You never forget your mother and father during Mothers` Day and Fathers` Day
You never forget even their wedding anniversary
Often you come with kisses
and boquet of flowers while setting
the table in a very special way.

We have waited for you today
And yes, of course, you come
and here you go again
sharing your stories about the
orphaned children you have served,
you come bubbling with stories of each child caught by the flashes of
your camera and the tears you have shed
while saying farewell to them.

Dear daughter, you have searched the world
and you have found one lesson
Everywhere is the longing to be loved,
the greatest gift one can give
from one`s heart
and I am proud of you as your mother
to know you as one, who`s got that most powerful weapon in your heart.

(Jenny comes home today, the 18th of August, 2009 after 6 months in Honduras as a volunteer under IMPACT,an organization in Denmark, that sends out young volunteers to depressed areas in different countries)

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