If Nature Had Her Way....

a poem by Colleen Thomas, India

If little birds shared morsel with us,
If nimble leaves our garments were,
And the Sun a divine, wise man,
His rays of wisdom beaming bright;

If gallant deer our companions be,
Camaraderie of the simplest kind;
If critters were the country's force,
Their military precision our stronghold were;

If, in a little cocoon, lay our tired heads,
The soft silk like a piece of sky;
If the prowling lion was the gentle lover,
His loyalty proven to outlive eternity;

If trees bent down their gnarled arms,
To feed us off luscious produce,
If the river sang her soothing tune,
As she swept over jagged stone;

Oh!If these quiet beings would utter,
Atleast a word or two;
Man must choose to never see that day,
When our deeds will beasts reprove.

Look what humanity did to us!
It sketched the two-legged creature
As a superior existence to others,
Crushing the quiet beasts.

'Tis unfortunate that Adam and Eve,
Did multiply with guilty offspring.
Wouldn't this be a better world,
If Nature had her way?

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