a poem by Drsudarsan Damodar Prasad, India - poetry writer, author, poet

Poetry stems from the heart,
Aims for the heart,
Blooms best,
When love is in the air.

Plucks at your heart strings,
Divine music floats,
Enchantment pours,
Flood of emotions,
Enter all the chambers-
Of the quivering-
Throbbing heart,
Still there is room-
For more!

There is delight in the air,
Flushes on faces,
With excitement and joy,
People donning,
Bright and white-
Rich and ornate,
Festival clothes.

Caparisoned Elephants,
Lead the way,
Floral carpets and circles,
Smile all the way,
Snake boat races,
Cheering crowds,
Running on the shores,
To egg their favorites,
To win races,
All adorn the landscape.

Lamps burn bright,
A million glowing wicks.
Ladies with floral bands-
On their heads,
Dressed up like coy brides,
Perform the ritual dances,
Going round in circles,
A divine sight-
Fit for the Gods.

The farmers granaries-
Are full and overflowing,
So are their hearts,
Nature is washed clean,
Green carpets welcome;
Flowers smile-
From every nook and corner!

The scene is set-
For the royal descent,
Equality -fraternity,
Love ,truth and delight
They all dance together with joy.
Our King is here,
At least for the day,
Delight is in the air-
Beyond words and songs!
ONAM - is the most important festival for all Keralites,
Who hail from Kerala, a state forming the southern most tip of India. This event celebrates the home coming of its former illustrious ruler -King Mahabali- Once in an year. The Legend says that during his reign, all subjects were equal and Love remained supreme; false hood -even with the size of a mustard seed- was never seen. It is sheer delight to visit Kerala during ONAM. No strangers , only honoured guests,as the many foreign tourists who visited Kerala during this time will vouch for!

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