a poem by Pushpalata Venugopalan, India

When the sun lazy shines
Slumbers still when I rise
When it throws more shadows than light
Then I know winter’s here!

When the cold winds triumphant blow
and strike a thrill that chills the bone
When to wake from bed is oh such a chore!
Winter’s here then I know!

When the Sun, that winter’s guest,
fiery makes his depart,
When some birds of Sun’s faith
to his sunny lair depart,

And the remaining-
the land’s constant,
In minor set up a tremulous echo
Winter’s here then I know!

When ice creams cold no parent would propose
lest coughs and cold our companions become,
When hot drinks allure with inviting warmth
Winter’s here then I know!

When flowers lend their colors to sweaters and mufflers
When bruises hurt with a burning revenge
When the advent of summer seem the only cheer
Then I know winter’s here!

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