a poem by Sheela Chalapathi ramananda, India

She was once green,lovely and beautiful,
But now has grown ugly but resourceful.
Once upon a time my city was pensioners'paradise,
But now is the abode of people who vandalise!

As a little girl,I loved to walk to school,
Because her streets were quiet and peaceful!
But now,I am filled with dread for those poor souls
Who are forced to drive on her scary pot-holes.

There were colourful gardens with majestic trees,
But now,they are replaced by flyovers and factories!
My lungs would expand with joy to breathe the fresh air,
But now,I should keep them alive with an inhale[ai]r!

There were chirping sparrows on my window sill,
But now,their voices have become forever still!
Summer was always pleasant with a maximum of 30,
But now the mercury mercilessly soars to 40!

Oh! How I wish to go back to those happy days
When my dear Bangalore was the best place!

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