a poem by Paul Butters, UK

For countless generations men and women toiled
And wracked their brains: creating new technologies to
Enable them to build their cities: civilisations,
Expanding empires.
The Arts and architectures flourished many times,
And sciences developed.
Destroyed so often by their warring foes.
Leaving fragments of gold or pot
For future archeologists to find.

Yet now it's We who hold the baton firmly in our (united) grasp,
Collectively teaming up to head towards
The finishing line:
Away in the distance there.
Responsibility for Progress is all ours now.
We must be Positive,
And work with Mother Nature: Loving Life:
Preserving, cultivating and nurturing
Every plant or animal that grows
Amongst our metropolitan millions,
Our palaces, skyscrapers, and temples.
It's down to us
To get our acts together
For the Common Good.

Paul Butters or Skryboss

(C) Yorkshire, Sunday 27\9\2009 at 14.00.

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