a poem by Sheela Chalapathi ramananda, India

A glittering gem in the tiara of this ancient land,
Bapu,you are one of the greatest sons of our motherland.

You were first and foremost a great and noble human being
Who was loving and compassionate to every living being.

'Satyameva jayathe'was what you preached and practised,
With a steadfastness that could never be antagonised!

Your motto of non-violence set patriotism afire
With which you brought down a mighty empire.

Sitting worshipfully at the 'charaka',the spinning wheel
You spun yarns and yarns of cloth with a great zeal!

Covering your frail body with nothing but a piece of cloth
You enthralled the whole world with your inner strength!

Offering prayers with the masses,every morning and evening
You also left this worldly abode at a prayer meeting!

Your 'My Experiments with Truth'is a soothing balm
Which can make this terror-ridden world become calm.

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