a poem by Drsudarsan Damodar Prasad, India - poetry writer, author, poet

Like father -like son,
Says ancient men;
Of great wisdom-
And ever flowing pen.

Like father,
Son quite unlike father,
Not exactly a chip-
Of the old block.

Father and son :
Both misfits,
In a go-getting world
Perfect round pegs,
In square holes,
Cherished and chased values,
In a shadow world,
Weary of values.

Father dug a grave of ambitions,
Buried his dreams and ambitions,
Sought the kinship of letters,
And the worn quills -
Of famished poets.

The son struggled to dig -
Deep for some home truths,
Not for gold and diamonds,
Truths which the world calls as
The science of the ephemeral-
Phenomenal world.

Father gave the son-
An invaluable lesson,
"Be a stone-breaker,
Toil in the sun,
For salt and bread,
Cast never even a shadow of grief,
In others life;
Or break even a single heart,
Even in jest,
Or for fun"
Dedicated to the event - 30'th death anniversary Of late Dr.Damodar Prasad - Professor of Hindi Literature and disciple Of late Dr.Nanda Dulari Vajpayee an eminent literary figure of India.
My father never craved for money or fame,but wrote sublime and soulful poetry and was a vastly underrated poet in Hindi language(The National Language of India),which was not his mother tongue! This ode is dedicated to his sacred memory.

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