CASH vs. CREDIT CARD (alliteration)

a poem by Jacinta Ramayah, Malaysia - poetry writer, author, poet

Cool cash cautions customers from careless consumption
Clueless credit card champs are compulsively shopping,
Countless cash crowds crammed cases and containers
Crisp credit card clears cumbersome carrying and carting.

Cautious cash keeps count of your consistent coinage
Cold credit card conceals your ceasing currency,
Crazy cash controllers are considered cowards of change
Constant credit card carriers are clearly chic and classy.

Crunchy crackling cash is captivating and colorful
Cut credit cards need careful checking and clearance,
Costly cash is challenging to construct and churn out
Convenient credit card is contemporary and current.

(Credit cards may have confidently come to stay,
I choose my crappy cash any day.)

11 Oct 2009

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