How Great The Man.

a poem by Mark Ainslie, UK

How Great The Man.

How great the man, whose acclaim will be,
Measured by God for all to see.
To do the very best he can,
To love and consider his fellow man.

How great the man, of humble mind,
Where dreams and wishes are entwined,
To stand tall and full of grace.
To deal with destiny’s embrace.

How great the man, eager to meet each day,
And keep the faith whatever comes his way.
To respect all, whether rich or poor,
To understand what living is for.

How great the man, who learns from mistakes,
But stands by decisions he makes.
To forgive the wrongs that others may do,
To make amends and start anew.

How great the man, who rises above,
Mans’ temptation in the name of love.
To know any actions he will make,
Will echo in eternity for all times sake.

© Mark Ainslie 2009

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