no resp cookie THE SONG OF LIFE (IN STRICT IAMBIC PENTAMETER), a poem by Koyel Mitra, India


a poem by Koyel Mitra, India - poetry writer, author, poet

When cherry flowers spread their pink array,
Then spring comes with its charming, lovely grace.
A zephyr fondles the lush green display
And gently holds them in a tight embrace.

A respite from the chilly winter snow,
Its pleasant, cheerful nature welcomes all.
The golden sun shines with a mellow glow,
With beauty tulips blossom; large and small.

Lambs frisk about while shepherds pipe sweet songs,
The dulcet tunes of cuckoos reach my ears,
The happy bell of my heart booms and dongs,
Resounds through air that dries my glassy tears.

My gloom effaced with fast approach of spring,
Heart full of glee, the song of life I sing.

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