To a Great Friend

a poem by Sheela Chalapathi ramananda, India

Shall I compare you to Mother Earth,
Oh,my dear friend?
You have all those qualities
Which are in her engrained!
Mother Earth is an ageless beauty,
Whose grace is not marred by man's cruelty!
You are an ageing beauty,
Whose charm is enhanced by amicability!
Mother Earth's love is infinite,
As she gives it equally to all her children!
Your love too has no bounds,
As it extends even to those who are not your children!
Mother Earth's Tolerance is amazing,
As she silently suffers all atrocities.
Your forbearance is equally surprising,
As you quietly accept other's fallacies!
At times, Mother Earth rumbles and rattles
And fills us with fears!
And you battle with your emotions
So that no one sees your tears!
Despite everything, there is Life on Earth
Is a proof of Mother Earth's compassion.
Inspite of everything,there is congeniality
Is a proof of your discretion.
Mother Earth's steadfastness
In the worst situations may be legendary,
And your firmness
In the most trying situations has no boundary.

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