Dance of the Grozies

a poem by Leslie M. Owens, USA

Discombobulated were the Grozies
Undulating with acclaim
As they danced among the posies
The Rumpsome watched them all aglaim

Waiting patiently to bamboozle
The Rumpsome drooled his gooey snog
And the Grozies were completly oblivoozle
To the dangers hidden in the fog

The Brouhaha went on into the night
And the music of the flagrousta floated in the air
While the Rumpsome gleaned his sniddy grite
And Grozies danced from pair to pair

And when the moon had reached its Zenith
Woozy Grozies prugged in droves
Easy bait for the Rumpsome’s heenith
They stumpled through in bliffy coves

But Persnickety was the blimpled Rumpsome
And the sampling of Grozies was postponed
Until he found the one most toothsome
His empty tummy urgurently groaned

Then came the moment he had been awaiting
The Grozie with the toothsome hair
Appeared with a swiggling thwaiting
The Rumpsome’s snoggle began to flair

Oh come to me, my tasty Rosie
He sang in lulling lilting tones
And thinking that the reeling Grozies
Were too oblivious to his magroans

His claws unsheathed he reached down into
The bliffy coves of Grozies breached
Up went the cry, Oh! Hullabaloo
I’ve got you now! The Ramsome Screached

But the Grozies guise of insobriety
Was in truth a masquerade
The Grozies held in great propriety
The healthful benefits of lemonade

Those canny snurgly creatures
Had laid a cunning little trap
Among its nifty features
A spliney whap was set to snap

So when the Ramsome began his reach
The Grozie’s plan was put in action
And by the time his claws did breach
He got a very surprising reaction

Instead of running to and fro
The Grozies snapped their spliney whap
It gave his head such a hearty blow
The Rumpsome decided it was time to nap

So the Grozies midnight party
Continued on into the night
Their laughter was quite giddily hardy
As the Rumpsome snoozed in the pearly moonlight

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