a poem by Jeffrey Jamie Froese, Canada

The shadow of a spark in the night,
The perfect shape of a tear,
Reflecting the slowly dying light
Of a star once shining clear.

Falling from heavenly heights,
A sound, almost too soft to hear;
Yet roaring with majestic might,
Music, filling the soul with awe and fear

Shadows, where light shone bright.
Beauty, in perfect form, disappeared.
Hope has taken its flight,
Leaving the world bleak and austere.

A gentle throbbing deep down inside;
The pain of a heart shattered and seared,
With sorrow too deep to describe,
Takes the form of a single tear.

The night is filled with a quiet sigh
As the breath of life takes to the sky
'Tis a sight not meant for mortal eyes
When angels die.

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