a poem by Sheela Chalapathi ramananda, India

He is a very simple man
whom, at first, we fail to acknowledge
But he is indeed the monarch
of the limitless paradigm of knowledge.
Every branch of Study
known to mankind is neatly packed
in the precincts of his mind.
People who scoff at his outward simplicity,
are awestruck by his ingenuity.
His words filled with wisdom
will drive out the listeners' boredom.
And his indifferent listeners
become curious,enthusiastic travellers.
At times they climb up mountains
and descend into dark ravines.
They go probing into the mysterious caves
and come enlightened into the open space.
He is one of those men who can keep death at bay
And say calmly,"Come, when I say!"
For he has understood the mystery
that Death is the other side of Life
and is indeed the end of strife.

{Dedicated to my teacher who is in the throes of death}

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