a poem by Ashok Chakravarthy Tholana, India

In the fragile thoughts
The buds of peace
Into flowers of trust
Blossom ! Blossom !
For Global Harmony !

Implanting the seeds
In the soil of peace
Let us seek joys
Unbound ! Unbound !
For Global Harmony !

Humans are we
Having wit to choose
Between good and bad
Remember ! Remember !
For Global Harmony !

A thought of peace
Can change our mood
And shower delights
Wonderful ! Wonderful !
For Global Harmony !

In the valley of peace
The pigeons of love
Shall adore the skies
Forever ! Forever !
For Global Harmony !

The sinking sun
On the eastern horizon,
The fading brightness
Under the impending darkness
Snatch my desperation
From the shores of desperation.
The moon-lit night
Shall uplift my spirits,
While the cool breeze
Poses a thoughtful challenge
To ward-off the gloom
That rocks like a storm.
All is well and good
When life is understood,
In a right spirit
With a right thought
Global Harmony hugs us.

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