a poem by Kavita Joshi, India

Ever watched the clouds up in the blue sky,
Different shapes and structures carved on them,
Some are so light and some are dense inside,
Floating in the sky, no boundaries among them.

Here is a dear and there is a lamb,
And a structure of palm tree between them,
When I look up again after sometime,
I can only see one but none.

They mingle with one another so perfectly,
No one can ever think of separating them,
The intense winds unite them together,
They always say they are one.

Whatever we face we will be together,
This is one of our true strengths,
We may look different to you at one point,
But this was just your perception.

The creator who created us with effort,
Has never created with a difference,
He looks at us with the same affection,
And gives a meaning to our presence.

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