a poem by Gaurav Laha, India

She walks like the Moon
And yet she is bright.
She strikes you,strikes with her Striking Beauty
She trails like the Waves.
And yet she is slow.
Slow,slow and slow.
Gracious, high only ever low.
She is cool,as cool as the Moon.
And once the place is in your Heart,
The Mind and Soul surely follows
Oh yes!!!She will enchant you. You imaginative fool!!!
Her eyes..eyes so bright.
It will awe you and hold your sight Overshadowing the Light.
Her aura,her enigmatic Charm
Her beauty and her soothing arm.
The flowing gown,olive green.
Her lips rose red
Her eyes sky blue.
Her hair so black
The Darkness with which,all
Thoughts fade away,melt into Nothingness
Is this a distant Dream??
Her look so soft.Brightened up by
Fair charm,Lady of One's Dream.

Ah!!I am at loss to understand.
To explain,to feel,its like a Dream
So near to Feel,Yet so far to Explain

and so..this one Sight,of that
Elusive Beauty
Is one which to Relish
Will that not be Every ones Wish???

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