a poem by Jocelyn Ann Fleming, USA

A lost and weary traveler wanting only to get home
Can use Earth’s small nightlights wherever he may roam.
A mother and her daughter waiting for the first to show
Laugh up at the moon as it begins to glow.

Tiny spots of light in a darkened midnight sky
Smile down at the world from their seats suspended high.
Their lights all journey far, from a strange, uncharted place
To visit us on Earth, no matter what they face.

The night sky becomes black, and tries to stop the light
But determined little soldiers refuse to stop the fight.
Instead they march on bravely, and let the night turn black
Then use this darkness for them, and shine bright in their attack.

Sometimes a storm cloud rolls in, and strikes with thunder loud
To scare away God’s army, or its light in darkness shroud.
But the army does not fear, won’t run ‘cause its afraid.
No, the lights will still be shining when the clouds begin to fade.

Birds always grow silent when the sun starts to descend
But the stars always grow brighter; on that we can depend.
I find a good example in the stars’ smile so sincere
For no matter what they face, these diamonds persevere.

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