a poem by Drsudarsan Damodar Prasad, India - poetry writer, author, poet

Love you little snow-flake,
Fallen from the heavens,
But never lament or wail,
About your great loss,
Of the effulgent heavens,
And its zillion stars,
Golden fairies,
Their pretty magical wands,
Mercurial wind Gods,
Chariots of fire,
And level playing fields,
For the mighty Gods-
Where mirth rolls ;
Rolls and laughs,
Never sighs!

You roll down,
And spread the carpet,
Of virgin-white,
For the winter-queen,
Pricks me with the needle-
Of pure pleasure,
I close my eyes,
Savor the fresh tangy taste-
That you can only bestow.

Ornate crystal,
Chiseled and carved,
By invisible hands,
Hangs icicles,
By the dozen,
Shining like huge chandeliers,
On my fence-trees,
Like the winter queen's
Ball is about to begin!

Love you little snow-flake,
Winter never gives,
Me The blues,
As you and me carve a snow man,
Dressed in bright red clothes,
Spreading brightness,
And cheer,
Among shivering men,
Made alas ! Of flesh and blood,
And never of pure snow flakes.

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