A Complete Mess

a poem by Alexandra !, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

Countless couples take the vow
Everlasting love together
Combined hearts and hands
In life and love forever
Constantly broken bonds
Rings cut into two separate halves
Hearts done loving; hands done holding
The tradition of marriage has come to an end
Love was put to the true final test
Full of tears, smiles, and the bride dressed to her best
The aisle paved with commitment
Led to the nervous man ready to combine his life
With his only beautiful wife
Rose petals, rice, happiness and total bliss
Is taken over by the new Mrs. Changing back to a Miss
Their love ended without a chance
Do they see the hurt caused; do they even glance?
The slightest look will show much pain
And put divorce to utter shame
Families torn and ripped apart
Children determined to survive and protect their hearts
They try to cope in a way that hurts less
Then the pain that their effortless parents made;
A complete mess.

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