a poem by Kristine J. Trudeau, USA

Holiday planning started in Fall.
Planning gifts with a list, contemplating all.
The list, once big, now seems small.
Christmas cards and package tags signed with a scrawl.

Old album photos held in hand,
Of past Christmases carefully planned.
His folks on Christmas; wasn't it grand?
My folks, the Sunday after - Mom's cooking in demand.

Too soon, photos begin to alter. Someone's not there!
A brother, a grandma, a nephew, a mother and a father -
Smiles, kisses and hugs no longer will we share.
Christmases of our past, and the present don't compare.

Memories of:
Brother playing his guitar, singing and tapping his shoe -
Grandma's feisty comebacks (some we still review) -
Nephew's hunting stories, Mom's cooking, and Dad's point-of-view -
"Christmas isn't Christmas without you."

by Kristine J. Trudeau
(December 19, 2009)
-Dedicated to the loved ones who have gone Home before us.

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