a poem by Charles Fisher, UK

Inside the bed room

Inside the bed room
The light shade cast its shadow
In the shape of a crown
Who's shadow ease over the flowers
That formed its own crown in the vase
With flowers trumpets cheerful breath
Cheerful colour blossoms unseen in the dark
The flowers heads heavenly bow
In honour and prayer to the gift of love
Scents descent from the flowers
Scented the dark air with exhilarate fragrance
Lavenders and sweet-smelling roses and lillies
Mingle with the spice of love
The vigour of fresh new love
That create an uneven night sheet landscape
Which renewed its self with each caress
The wedding sheets enjoy the joys
The jewel of pleasure of the newly weds
In the shadows a shadow present
View the appearance of kind love
Remember the purity of love
Remember the first love
In this same room
The flourish of love long gone
Smile and tears come at once
Past bloom past death
In honour and prayer her head bow
In praise
For the persistant glow of love
A tear drop saddened fell
Rest on Mary of tear flowers
That tear that comes to rest she longs
A love blossom bud will be sown

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