Three Kings and the Star of Hope

a poem by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen, Denmark

Three Kings and the Star of Hope

Three wise men of nowhere
Without medals and kingdoms to claim
From the East they marched forward
To find the child beneath the shining star.

Three wise men in their glorious attire
Journeyed long to find the shining star
Stopped by the soldiers of Herod`s iron hand
Ordered to tell where the child could be found.

Three wise men of hope without certain ground
Only guided by the shining star in their mind
Continued to journey to find the child
And met the shepherds who in their search came by.

Three wise men led by the shining star
Reached the stable to find the child
They offered their gifts- gold, frankincense and
myrrh to a child, cradled by voices of angels.

Three wise men in our time
Only with their names and gifts from their hands
Filled with hope from the shining star
Met Jesus,the child, the end of the
long journey so worthwhile to try.

(January 3, 2010, written today during worship service)

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