illicit fling

a poem by Charles Fisher, UK

And the man stood at the bar
A whisky delicately he held
His smouldering looks caught her eyes
The silent type that attracted her to him
The outline of his athletic build beneath
His casual clothes cast a shadow of desired thoughts
She half listened to her friends conversation
She just nodded in agreement to the discussion
Maybe the martini was begining to take control
She couldn't control the hot flushes
And the man at the bar enjoyed his free time
Unaware of the woman with temptation on her mind
She criss cross her leg in the direction of him
She dubiously played with her wedding ring
Briefly his eyes noticed her through pillar mirrors
A fleeting look, what luck she shyly smiled at him
He gestured towards her with his glass
Above the noise of the disco she nodded to him
Her wedding ring absent
Inserted in her hand bag
She cinvinced her self that her husband
Out of town
Wouldn't know about the illicit fling

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