A soldier's tears

a poem by Charles Fisher, UK

For a while we dance
Dance slowly as one
The night is still young
let's our hearts forever listened
To the beat of our love
Let us dance for another while
Tomorrow when the sun comes
I fly away to a war zone
In a far of land
And our dance will be done

Tears slowly trickled down your cheeks
They meet my tears
In a loving kiss both our tears are
Tomorrow those tears will be missed
So let us dance for a little longer
Our hearts will beat stronger
For ever and ever let us dance

This dance isn't our last
When I return we'll take a drive
To the bonnie bonnie banks of Loch Lomond
Where the clouds seem to adore the mountains
Where our hearts shall ever be
Down by the loch's edge
We shall walk hand in hand
And our hearts shall reminisce
About that dance that last for every

A farewell dance this not
We still have other dances yet to come
We are still young to see a new sun
That cast its glory rays on Loch Lomond waters
So make this dance last for ever and ever
Tomorrow after a tearful good bye wave
During the tour I shall never forget
How our tears danced that night
For ever and ever they shall live
And our tearful hearts shall never perish

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