Childhood days

a poem by Charles Fisher, UK

Many many hours we roamed the moors
A cluster of boys and girls that walked
For miles and miles without thought
Of the distance involved
Walked over to Loch Thom we did
It took us a good few hours to get there
We laughed and joked as we went
Our feet cooled in the Loch's cool water
Some boys brave enough swam
The water is deep and the current strong

From the first morn till dusks
Those summer months seemed long
Down the rocky beach we used to comb
For craps and star fish and jelly fish
That we used to throw stones at
Because they stung you in the sea
When you swam pass them
And we walked home wet
Our feet will be blistered sore
Our backs will be sun burn red
Calamine lotions plastered on our backs
The skin will itch for days on end
In the morning awake stiff and sore
Our skin will come off in flakes
After some days

Many many days we played football
In the steet, jumbers are the goal post
Twenty childern in the street
Forty running feet
In the hot summer heat
Played for many many hours
The score line will be 54 to 53
Then end up 55 to 54
Called it a night
When the street lights came on
Or get dragged in by the
Scruff of the neck by irated mothers
Who's tongue lashing stung like the teacher's belt

In the council run swimming pool
Always full with children swimming or
Diving from the levels of the diving board
Or just carried on with each other in the pool

In the swing park
Another place that we all used to play
Played on the slide or swing very high on the swings
See who's feet can touch the sky
But the roundabout made me dizzy
As it went round very fast
The last child to stagger off was me

The summer months seemed to last a lot longer then
Now,older the summer months are a lot shorter
Childhood summer days I missed them

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