TURNING “50”!!!!!

a poem by Dwayne Leon Rankin, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

Remember when the days were warm,
And life was full of joy?
When you were full of life and strength
When you were just a boy?

Those days are gone now Kenny Paul,
The days are short indeed.
And with the ebbing of your strength
Your body's now gone to seed

Your knees do creek and eye sight fails
With your hair all course and gray
It seems your wearing glasses now...
(You want to go and play?)

You can't it seems, you are so old
And on the down hill side.
Your life is slipping fast away,
From this you cannot hide.

You see you are fifty now,
And learning to live in pain.
So put away your dentures please,
And grab on up your cane.

Learn to live with this plain ol' fact
of this geriatric age.
You're there at last, the big 5-0!!!
Your life's last final stage.

They try to tell you that your life
Does start at this ripe age.
But how does anyone start a book
When they're near the very last page.

The struggle to just get out of bed
unless you really “have to go”!
Which seems to happen a lot these nights.
(Just don't walk tooo slow!).

Incredible as it may seem
That you're now so old.
You are free to speak at last
All words, plain and bold.

They'll say it's your mind just waring thin.
A part of your cranky ways.
A part of being at last
18,250 days.

You're 50 now, you must remember
Starting to fall apart.
Your body first and then your mind
You're now just one ol' .... !!!

I had better let you go for now,
You need your rest you see.
You're going to start to act on up
Cackling on with glee.

Cantankerous and ornery
Your free to act that way
Cause when we hit the big 5-0
That's the way we play!!!

Now if you sorrow at these words
Don't you worry or even fret.
Seeing how old you are right now
You'll probably most likely forget.

So enjoy these last few years
allotted you my friend.
Acting any way you want
Enjoy them to the end.

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