SOUNDS OF POVERTY (onomatopoeia)

a poem by Jacinta Ramayah, Malaysia - poetry writer, author, poet

Empty stomachs that growl
and rumble with gnawing hunger,
throats that cough and croak
and thirst for a squirt of water.

Plop, glug and pong of sewers
buzz of houseflies and drones,
low lub-dub of weak hearts
snap and crack of broken bones.

The creak of dilapidated walls
and rattle of crumbling doors,
the thump of termite-windows
tottering on ramshackle floors.

Clinking coins and rustling notes
out of our pockets, may one day
stamp out sickness and poverty
and make suffering fade away.

30 Jan 2010

AS TIME RUNS OUT (onomatopoeia)
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