Me and the mask

a poem by Linda Bates Terrell, USA

When I was young
I did not realize
I was most surely
to some things blind
I have the wisdom
to look back now.
And Wow!
I now realize
I had creativity
bursiting from within
I felt it was a sin
A sin I choose to hide
Instead I sit alone and cried
I could not achieve what
I could not truly believe.
So now that I finally believe
I have no need to childishly decieve
I am the being I am.
I can not be another
to accomplish every task
I can not hid me under a mask.

Linda Terrell
January 31,2010

Many people go about a days work to make a living and have a creativeness they ignore or consider it just to be a hobby. A paycheck is more important. To those kind of poeple who read this poem they will relate.

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