a poem by Charles Fisher, UK

Silent river
No loud sound comes from you
Only the echoes of the past
Many ships horns that blast
I heard
From my childhood days

The yesteryears many a ship
Graced the water's of the Clyde
From small ships to Liners like
The QE2 and many cargo boats holds
That crossed oceans from far of ports

In a long sleep the river is now
Stirred a little by the ferries
That sail to and fro from the coastal towns
The surface water reveal its watery skin
Hid by so many boats like a cloak
That ships queued in lines to dock
In time with the tide clock
How time is easily forgot

The container ships
Replaced the cargo boats
Alot of ships the river doesn't need
The silent river ancient flow
The sound of every wind still blows
A history the river is in continous flow
Childhood days a ships horn blast
That stirred the river of centuries past

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