a poem by Dwayne Leon Rankin, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

I like to walk this Earth at night
While the stars are burning bright.
I walk to look and see what's there,
At all nature full and fair.
Heightened by the shadows found,
Softened by the darkness 'round.
I stop in awe at what I see,
God's love in all He's made for me.
The muted colors found at night,
With the stars all burning bright.

I like to walk in the morning dew,
In the sun lights golden hue.
I see the things that God has made,
All the patterns He has laid.
And in the brightness seeing clear,
I find God's presence ever near.
All this I see in the early morn,
Feeling as though I'm newly born.
I'm seeing all thing, bright and new,
While walking in the morning dew.

And in the evening when I walk,
I know it's time, with God to talk.
I speak of all I've seen this day,
By darkened night, or mornings ray.
I then reflect on what I've seen,
And think about what they might mean.
Then with the daylights final gleaming,
Down my cheeks, the tears start streaming,
I find out then, it's hard to leave,
This walk with God in the early eve.

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