The Lion's Roar

a poem by Dwayne Leon Rankin, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

Deafening was the Lions roar.
In strength and pride he stands.
Terror was the way he rules.
As King through out the lands.

For miles around he could be heard,
Letting known his wrath.
Roaring out his challenge,
To all who crossed his path.

Majestic was his stature.
And fear he did instill.
Waiting for the time to come
When he'd make his kill.

Lying hidden on the grassy plains.
Silently he stalks his prey.
Patiently waiting for his chance
To claim his feast this day.

Sated now he sleeps the day,
Lying in the shade of trees.
Waiting for the night to come,
To then do as he please.

Once again he makes his way,
In his throat a growl.
Letting all around the Plain
Know he's on the prowl.

All creatures know that fearsome sound,
Knows death is at the door.
They know the King is getting close,
When they hear the Lions Roar!

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