a poem by Oredola Olamilekan Ibrahim, Nigeria

Here my body comes, my soul and flesh
On your sacred sacred secured land I bend my knees
Returned from the privation of a confused world
Waiting for the return of the four dove birds
I bow and look restive at the louring sky 5
I search day and night for your sign … your words
Vibrating the mount Sinai and the Jordan move.

Oh! Forgive me, though I have sin a great
I, a renegade to your olden creed
Ogbo, the pathfinder for ancestors dead and gone 10
Now lacking lustre with the winds of time
Here now, I bow to take your solemn compact lore

Oh! Lord, open forth the door of my sadden breast
And unloose free, this my tongue - tied Knot
That I may construe right your holy words 15
And osmosised in their heart like the loamy seeds.

Prostrate in mire now, see how I rolls
Awaiting your holy rain to pour and pour
Over my soul and purifies it clean
My mind a wisdom and a mighty kingdom. 20

By your long silver body I stood all day
Moving in a biogenesis in runs and walks
I long for a splash to my desert heart
To brought forth-living fruits of words and deeds

Here my body comes, my soul and flesh 25
By your sacred shrine I bend my knees
Returned from the privation of a world confused
Then a renegade but now your creed drowns.
Now to be led by this white stainless mace
I stand enshroud in silence by your shrine 30
Waiting for your non profanity Holy word
That has being from the genesis of things
Filled in your transcendental flimsy soul
I stand still for you the ageless word
For I’ve kept silence three days and night 35
To hear the sound of a silent whisper.
A silent whisper of inspiration.


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