a poem by Oredola Olamilekan Ibrahim, Nigeria

At that time of the year
When the Phoebus’ cart far from the land
Living the land in a murkiest strand
Suddenly there came a light
A light lighted in the David’s city 5
In Nazareth’s street, in Bethlehem
Came a light, oh! A shining man,
His euphony,
Breaking the decorum of Istatnic talk
In the manger, Oh Tame and grist 10
The sparking of the occident star
Brought the Gold, frankincense and myrrh.
By the magi of the wisest world.

For to us a Child is born
Oh! For our soul a son is given 15
In the early hours of a hopeful dawn
Sang to being by the angles born
Praising the father on the ravish throne.
And do you see the messiah’s babyish face
So Calm and mild and lovely face 20
Mumbering some words so calm and Mum
Praying for the world to the leading word.

Christ is born, glory be to God
The Prince of peace, our Saviour light
Now we rejoice of the Virgin born 25
With plates and cup and bounties much
Oh! We dance and laugh and did we pray
And present our gift to Mary saint
We called for blessing and mercies vast
Coupled with saviour and peace and hope 30
Promised for us many yon, behind
As we celebrate the holy born
The source of peace for all the world.


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