Elegy to a lady under the sod

a poem by Oredola Olamilekan Ibrahim, Nigeria

Elegy to a lady under the sod
Through those greenish days in your primal life
Among your cronies a promising starts
The iron gates of life to drive and strive
And at last on the rosy bank to drink and sat.

That epoch now is none but void 5
As the greenish too fast to a brownish one
Through the gates now we drive you tod
Among your cronies, claded people mourn.

That misery death is not but brawn
When the brief bait-cough the rattle sound 10
In the early hours of that cold spell dawn
The soul had died and fleshes in bound.

What ephemeral life your fate had crave
When a striving star enshroud in grave
The death had clamp you of an offer brawn; 15
A clan’s lady of a sleeping clan.

Now success and failure will count akin:
The abyss of ends by earth fulfilled
Too bad but good for your worries clean,
The wants of the worms you now fulfilled. 20

So this mark the end of lass enthralls
A jovial soul so slim and fair
Amusing laughter, enchanting voice
All laid with her in a room unshared!

This maiden death is all Greek to me
Did green sticks fall where brownish stand
Then brother death must be a blind old man
For her, door nail to be dead and gone.

Now under the sod your soul had slung
Don’t feel cheated all the death will strive
Death’s just being cruel for taking you young
Yet the bad is good for a misery life.


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