Aircraft carrier

a poem by Charles Fisher, UK

On the cold sunny river
Draw a circle the aircraft carrier did
A second smaller one
Its two funnels like two pillars
Build powerful to stand against
Any headlong storm of tomorrow
Nature or man made
Her flumes of smoke
Carried in the February breeze
High in the Firth her body observed
Her own inner thoughts
The bridge windows flash
In the side line sun in approval
Of the spacatators on the Clyde shores
As she showed of her new skills
In honour to wear the Royal Navy flag
Elegant streamlined she slipped
Through the water like a seasoned veteran
In the sea air her nose pointed
Sniff for danger that might lurk
In the sky or below the sea
Her flight deck unblemished
Still to carry the scrips from
The windows of Whitehall
And the Chiefs of Staff

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