Cries of Life

a poem by Linda Bates Terrell, USA

Cries of Life

Warm sun shining above, rays beaming down,
She leans beneath shadows of big oak tree,
She cries fallng to one knee, alone now free,
Gone is her gallant young Indian brave, lost in battle.

Aloud and alone she cries
Watching the sad oaks bend
Beneath the visions in the wind

Eyes of tears, heart of clay,
His spirit grabbs her by her right arm,
Winds singing his lonesome song, at near end of day,
Winds singing dear they are gone now, you are in no harm.

Aloud and alone she cries
As the sad oak bends
Sad and miserable, her lover dies,

The evening breezes blew, loud cries in the winds,
The baby cries, a sad love it greets and sends,
The cries of her child, her new born vision,
Her mind wanders, what shall she do, o-h-h-h decision,

Aloud her lonely heart cries
Their Cries of Life now sing
She alone, to her baby she sings

She swaddles him close, new baby boy,
In its blanket, she with sad heart, yet joy
She rests in the dark, still beneath the old oak tree,
For now the two are alone but free.

Aloud cries the spirits of daybreak,
As the two ride swiftly in the wind
Far away they travel, around the rivers bend

Linda Terrell
Feb. 27, 2010

I wrote this as I listened to my heart, of a story I visioned. I often wonder of the sad lives of the Native Americans of long ago and the trials they battled of
the wilderness and the battles they fought so hard and lost. This maiden watches her brave husband die just hours before she gives birth to their son with only the wind and shade of the tree as her companion...She gathers her strength soon after at daylight and rides away for what ever journey life brings....around the rivers bend. I wrote this before but changed it slightly..
I hope you all enjoy this song lyrics/poem.

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