The Janissary*

a poem by Hubert Wilson, USA

This contemporary janissary
Loose on America's heartland prairie!
Obfuscating his Mother's cherished beliefs?
How did he come to betray her core motifs?
Damaged by childhood parental divorce?
Inundated by her early death and deep remorse?
Values of his Mother once so profoundly held -
Attacks vociferously in support of a modern Sultan he has deviously upheld -
Disappointed friends of his Mother alas by him so repelled!

*Janissary - a member of a group of loyal or SUBSERVIENT troops, officials, or supporters. Organized initially in the 14th century with conscripted young Balkan boys by the Ottoman Empire Sultan, forced into religious conversion and elite military corps service as virtual slaves. Abolished in 1826 after their revolt against change ironically mandated by the Sultan. Subsequently most were executed!

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