Same Price Of The Win---As The Loss.

a poem by Linda Bates Terrell, USA

Basketball games,
Not rooster games,
Fans in uproar,
At the teams score,
Cheering joyfully,
All efforts unanimously,
Players to the floor,
Oh what? A tied score,
Heat and frinzy,
Not one player's lazy,
Passions intense,
Drive emense.

Fans screaming,
Banners streaming,
What will it be,
Oh no, weeeee!
One slide down the court,
One in,while another abort,
Is it really what I see,
Over time. GEEEEE!
Where will it end,
One out one in, stoop to bend,
Fans booing, stress mounting,
Loosers spouting, many pouting.

Double over time,
Ref's call a pitiful crime,
Players huffing,
Coaches gruffing,
Kids building talents, by far,
All wishing to be a basketball star,
While fans adrenaline soar's,
Ballplayers aches but sore,
A self sacrifice each makes,
Fans expecting no mistakes,
Three pointer, from the side,
Cheering, cheering, players glide.

Games over, we won at last,
Oh! What an emotional blast,
Raise the uniforms, to half mass,
School spirt flaming high, at last,
Boys aching leggs and thighs,
All on adrenaline highs,
Gave it their all, fight! fight! fight!
High scores come with sacrifice,
Aching muscles, became their price,
Rest at last, they glady say,
Just to them another painful day,
Piece of life, they take a slice,

All gladly perform, in mazes of basketball storm,
They posess a fisique of form.
The professionls for thier efforts, paid high,
Youth however, if they win, payment--just pizza pie,
However, all the kids do their best,
These youthful players, it's just a game of test.
They long for lasting talent, climbing scholastic ladder,
They grin blissfully, when receiving praise of flatter.
Many yearn for easier days,
To someday escape thier youthful maze,
Endless days of games, ingoring fans stares,
But to them, when it's over, wonder who really cares.

Linda Terrell
Feb. 7, 2010

Youthful ballplayers (girls or boys) should be in some way rewareded for their daily efforts, they'd be glad even if it is just praise for their efforts.
Just a word of praise for the teens, will make their day...

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