Don't give up

a poem by Michelle Klemm, Germany - poetry writer, author, poet

Silence reigns, it's deep at night;
Nobody is at the beach anymore.
I'm alone with my thoughts,
Wandering on the soft sand
Not knowing where.
All dreams are lost.
I look above to the stars,
The moon gleams clear and light.
My eyes become heavy
Tiredness seizes me.
But I go on,
Don't look back
What is over doesn't matter anymore.
One moment changes so much,
Has so much power.
But I don't give up,
Life goes on.
It must!
The stars are reflected
In the endless sea -
A glimmer of hope,
That gives new strengh to me
To go on,
And to forget
What is over
To make new room in my heart -
For new love!

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