Lent on a Chaplaincy Service

a poem by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen, Denmark

I remember you today
with the suffering people I see
I remember you suffering too
and how you gave yourself freely.
You are with them who suffer
and even with those who simply
reflect on your Lenten agony.

But why this evil and suffering
why this killing, this lamenting?
Why this faith that grants hope
to believe in newness in life?
Why did you allow yourself
to be crucified by the evil schemes
of putting an end to human life
and yet having been crucified
you really have not died?

I remember you today
and how you gave yourself freely
In these suffering patients
I can see how you were crucified.

We only need your unconquerable spirit, Christ.

Palm Sunday
Faith, Church Life and Ministry
Lent in a Philippine Island

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