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**** This poem is dedicated to my childhood best friend Lily - with an enchanting smile , true to her name - all of 8 years, when I parted company with her as a boy of 10, as my father migrated to a bigger town in search of better prospects. X'mas and Easter were huge affairs in that small village as Lily's papa and Mama were not only well to do, but also were magnanimous and wonderful hosts -spreading cheer and good times all around ! Happy Easter Wishes for everyone at the Voicesnet family ! *********

What is better than
The smiles of an Easter Bunny?
The smiles of
An Easter Lily ,
Especially when Lily
Is a sweet little lass!

Wagging pigtails,
Satin white frock,
Enormous saucer eyes,
Filled with love and joy
Stuffing cakes
In my mouth and my friends,
Full of pep and life,
That was our little Lily.

Madonna and child
Adorning the foyer
Of her splendid home,
Easter eggs
And Candy floss,
Ice creams and cross buns
Chicken curry and Mutton gravy
Cascaded on guest's
Food plates .

Fulfillment and joy
Of life entered my little
Boyish soul,
Never to leave it again!

In my life
The joy of that day
Outlives the glory
Of a pure white Lily
Which is gone by the evening!

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