Tears of a mother

a poem by Charles Fisher, UK

A hard thing to pray
When the darkness contol the mind
Hearts are heavy cause
Man fights man man over dust
That dust created man from God's hands
Ruin hearts of mothers cry
Their children created out of love
Die before their eyes of wars and thirst
The power makers of the land
Put their hopes in wealth
An uncertain hand that bled the land
Jesus died on land filled with wealth
That the leaders honoured the
God of greed and of arrogance who
John the baptise made a stand against
Lost his head to a woman's greed
Grieved the holy mother filled with grace
A mother tear for her son
Cradled her son in her loving arms
His arms lifeless
Represent mothers tears all over the world
Who's lost a child
No matter what age
The pure tears from her sinless heart
Intercede on the behalf of sinful men
So that they can breath in fresh air
Rather than the dark air of the seven deadly sins
Its a hard thing to pray to God or
Accept his will to forgive man's cruel hand
But the grace of the holy rosary aids his hurt soul
And comfort a mother's loss of her child
From the darkened mind a small light begins to glow

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