a poem by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen, Denmark

Christ, the Liberator

For He has vanquished death
in love and through love
in the event of His resurrection.
For he has affirmed life
after death in endless communion
with the transcendent
and life within death
in his crucifixion.

For He was born
like our own births –
from a father and mother,
a family and kin.
For He has protected the family
as an agency for rearing lives.
For He worked as carpenter
following the steps of His father,
thus, protecting a vocation in life
that seeks to be dignified.

For He entered into serious
dialogues even with the scribes
and Pharisees in His time,
thereby calling the openness
of mind and courage as exemplified
by the youth of our time.

For He entered into the temple
to cleanse with His will and emotions
thereby breaking
the stubbornness and rigidity
of a well-structured Institution, the church,
to be at last,
the servant institution
to go through
the on-going transformation.

Faith, Church Life and Ministry
Palm Sunday

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