The Ocean's Deception in the Moon's Reflection

a poem by Jillian Ann Cameron, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

Aroma like fresh twilight, spring is here,
Evening sewn together with dark’s silver tears,
Lie on the sand, watching the moon rise,
Call upon the stars, bring day’s demise.
Water, like crystal, displays the reflection,
Shimmering like diamonds, wonderful deception,
The mirror image, so beautiful, so real,
Like two night skies, until reality revealed.

I watch the ocean, the second wondrous sky,
The awing lack of motion, fool any passerby,
And here I saw a young man, disorientated,
Walk to the ocean’s edge, stopped, contemplated,
I heard him whisper that he could for once touch perfection,
He reached for a star in the sky’s flawless reflection.

Alas, as he reached, he could not grasp,
Yet he thought just a miss, still could not see the mask,
He waded deeper to try and touch the moon,
But the ocean had fooled him and he was consumed.
Just like a lover with a mask full of lies,
The ocean dragged this man down to his demise,
Now, sinking deeper, the perfection never touched,
He tripped and he fell, from the blindness of lust.

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